Why do I need a Website?

Q. Why do I need a website?  I'm just a small business, with just a local clientele...why on should I spend money on "International advertising?"

Until recently, we would have agreed with you.  We've been active on the internet since 1996, waiting for the proper time to start this venture.   But the time just wasn't right until now.  So, what changed, making this the time for people to need a website?  

The answer is simple...the growth of Broadband Internet.  DSL, Cable, and Satellite...the high speed connections that are cropping up in your town, and the towns around you.  Recent studies have shown that as people get Broadband access, their weekly usage jumps from two to three hours a week, to around twelve hours or more per week.  That's several hours per night, as much as most people watch TV.  When you add to the fact that most households have several users online, and you can effectively double or triple the amount of time that a household is connected to the World Wide Web.

Recently, we received a copy of the yellow pages...on CD.  The phone companies recognize that people are using their computers more and more to get local phone numbers, and with this new Broad Band capability it is clear that people are now using the internet to find your number. So ask yourself this...if you don't have a website, how will they find you? And, if they're not finding you...who are they finding instead?

MidnightWebPage was created for just this reason; inexpensive advertising for the small business who needs a listing on the web.  This service is not intended for the "high-tech junkie" who wants to change his site on a daily or weekly basis, but rather for the business, or individual, that recognizes the shift in the way people are working.   The business that realizes that people are using the Internet daily as a tool. 

In this day and age, it's important that you are on the web...in the next year or two, it will be imperative.  Are you there?  If not, we have the solution for you!